Dholes’ – Lives That Must Not Be Left To Fade



A shiny rustic red coat of fur; that shines like flames in the sun. A body size resembling that of our beloved house dog, but with a somewhat cat-like shape. An impressively intelligent mind — and like too many of our worlds species, are in danger of becoming tales that once lived amongst the earth, if their lives and souls continue to be ignored.

These beautiful animals are in serious threat of becoming lost souls — The Dhole is endangered.

They previously inhabited a large range of Southern Asia, Eastern Asia, and Southeast Asia. They now, for the most, reside within a significantly smaller range. They can currently be found mostly in North East India, Central Indian Highlands, Southeast Tibet, and fragmented throughout some other areas such as Thailand and Vietnam.

With many species populations quickly reducing, this also means disruption within the food chain. The dholes may be facing higher amounts of foot shortage as their prey numbers are fading away.

It has shown that they have long had to face prejudice from the people of whom they share the land, a misunderstanding of the species that has caused a loss of many dholes’ lives — as like most of these issues between humans and animals, an understanding, relating, and education, could help prevent it all.

An estimated 2,500 remaining in the wild. As we lay comfortably in our homes, these dholes are being pushed, and killed, out of theirs. With the destructive production of human developments, a large amount of habitat loss, persecution: poisoning, traps, snares, and with the increasing loss to numbers of other species, the Dhole population will become a ghost population who were forgotten and left to fade — this is, unless we take to relating to the lovely Dhole, and fight to protect their importance.


Take a little time out of your day Today, and learn more about the adorable, intelligent Dhole.



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3 thoughts on “Dholes’ – Lives That Must Not Be Left To Fade

  1. Its such a shame that these beautiful creatures are endangered! I agree with you, more people need to learn about these intelligent animals. I myself have blogged about a few of endangered/extinct animals and will add the Dhole to my list! 🙂

    • Hello Katie,
      It truly is a horrible shame that a lot of people don’t take the time, or even bother, to learn and understand most animals. If they did, they would see all the similarities, and relate to them on an equal level.
      I think its wonderful that you are writing about the same issue. Our voices do need to speak up for them. Informing, and educating others, is one of the best ways to do this, and to get rid of that gap that humans place between us and others.
      Let us keep up the blogging, so we can try to make some difference for these beautiful lives 🙂

  2. I was very fortunate to see a pack of Dhole last night. They had just made a kill (Cheetal). The Dhole were far and few between the last 30 years or so but they seem to have made a come back recently in the area where I live, which is in the Western Ghats of South India.

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